“I got tattoos because I wanted to do it”, Nana explained… But why do people keep talking about her tattoos?

“Singer-actress Nana’s full-body tattoos” is still a hot topic.

Nana attended a production presentation for Netflix’s original series “Glitch”, which was held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the morning of September 27th, and talked about the tattoos on her whole body for the first time. They’re not one-time hennas but tattoos engraved on her actual skin.

Nana’s tattoos were unveiled for the first time on September 20th. Nana made headlines as she appeared with tattoos at the production briefing press conference for the movie “Confession”. From the center of her chest to her shoulders, arms, thighs, ankles, and feet, tattoos of various types, such as spiders, spider webs, snakes, leaves, and letterings, can be seen all over her body.

Attention was naturally focused on Nana. Wearing a short crop top that revealed her arms and shoulders at the recent production presentation, Nana caught the eyes of everyone. Whenever she changed her pose, a new tattoo was found.

Nana’s “full-body” tattoos drew so much attention because she’s a singer who has just turned to acting recently and is still building her filmography. While it is relatively free for singers to express their individuality through tattoos, actors, who have to transform themselves according to the characters they play in each work, tend to be careful with having tattoos.

Nevertheless, Nana’s bold and extraordinary tattoos perfectly matched her stylish and alluring charm as well as her unique fashion sense. In response to Nana’s tattoos, many people poured out compliments, such as “The tattoos look good on you”, “So cool”, etc.

In “Glitch”, Nana plays Heo Bo-ra, who tracks aliens. This character also has tattoos on many parts of her body. Regarding this, Nana said, “Bo-ra is the character who tracks mysterious phenomena and aliens. The director and experts set the big picture, and they gave me various opinions within it”, adding “Bo-ra’s clothes are colorful and she also has a lot of tattoos. I wanted to add meaning to each tattoo, so I thought of pictures or phrases and chose one by one.”

She added, “Also, Bo-ra uses slang a lot. To make my character cuter and look more like Bo-ra, I paid a lot of attention to slang”.

Nana revealed that she didn’t get tattoos because of her character in “Glitch” but neither answered why she decided to have tattoos all over her body, raising netizens’ curiosity. She emphasized, “I didn’t become interested in tattoos because of Bora. It’s just a tattoo that I wanted to do”, adding “If I have a chance later, I hope I can tell you why I got these tattoos. I don’t know if that day will come but I really did it for myself.”

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