“Our role models are IU and Jennie” Rookie girl group LIMELIGHT debuts, produced by IZ*ONE team 

LIMELIGHT selected IU, Oh My Girl, and BLACKPINK’s Jennie as their role models.

A pre-debut showcase celebrating the release of LIMELIGHT’s EP “LIMELIGHT” was held in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of September 27th.

The name “LIMELIGHT” has the meaning of “getting the world’s attention”. Suhye from “My Teenage Girl” and Ito Miyu from “Girls Planet 999” particularly gained attention as they made their debut in LIMELIGHT. 

Ahead of LIMELIGHT’s debut, the producing team that created IZ*ONE‘s “FIESTA” reunited for the first time in 30 months. Producers Kim Seungsoo and Choi Hyunjun, lyricist Seo Jieum, as well as Brother Su and Crazy Park, who worked with BTS and MONSTA X, were included in the album credits.

Suhye, a former contestant on MBC’s girl group survival show “My Teenage Girl”, said, “It was a time when I learned a lot, so much that I was able to say it was a turning point in my life that helped me grow. I think that’s how I was able to debut quickly and coolly.”

Ito Miyu, who competed on Mnet’s “Girl’s Planet 999”, said, “It was a difficult time, but it was a choice I have no regrets about. I’m happy to be able to debut in LIMELIGHT, and to meet Kep1er’s Yeseo and Mashiro. I will try my best to show good performance to everyone who supports me.”

Suhye picked Oh My Girl as her role model and said, “I think their visuals, vocals, and performances are so perfect. I’m not perfect in all areas yet, but I will try my best to become a perfect artist like Oh My Girl sunbaenim.”

Gaeun revealed BLACKPINK‘s Jennie as her role model and expressed her admiration, saying, “She shows a lot of charm beyond just being pretty. I think she has her own aura. I also want to have my own aura.”

Ito Miyu added, “Since I was in Japan, I have loved IU and thought she is perfect in singing and acting. I want to be a singer whom people trust and listen to like IU.”

Meanwhile, LIMELIGHT’s debut EP “LIMELIGHT” will be released through various online music streaming platforms at 6 pm KST on September 29th.

Source: daum

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