Park Bo Young donates to a Children’s Hospital on Children’s Day, “Her helping hand is like rain in a drought”

Actress Park Bo Young practiced good deeds and shared warmness with children.

According to BH Entertainment on May 4th, Park Bo Young donated 100 million won to the Seoul Children’s Hospital (director Nam Min) through the Kids Future Foundation (Chairman Lee Hoon Kyu) to celebrate Children’s Day this year. The donation will be used to improve the arts therapy environment at the development center of a Children’s Hospital in Seoul.

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Since April, the Rainbow Art School of the Developmental Center has been operating a talent discovery and therapy education program to discover developmentally disabled children who have musical talent and train them to become competent artists. With this donation, the old facilities will be improved, and a space suitable for the treatment of disabled children will be created, which is expected to have a positive effect on future treatments.

In 2014, Park Bo Young formed a partnership with Seoul Children’s Hospital and she has donated over 250 million won and various items, such as medical equipment, air conditioners, and air purifiers, as well as provided medical support for patients, for the past 10 years.

In addition to financial sponsorships, the actress also visited the hospital in person and has done about 120 hours of volunteer work, creating a warm atmosphere. Park Bo Young has been praised for her sincerity in continuing volunteer activities, such as helping hospitalized children with bathing and meals, and providing practical assistance to guardians and hospital staff.

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As a result, Seoul Children’s Hospital director Nam Min stated, “The Children’s Hospital is in great need of help as it is where non-guardian children and severely disabled children are mainly hospitalized”, adding “Thanks to Park Bo Young’s helping hand, which is like rain in a drought, in a blind spot of donation that is not well known outside the hospital.”

Park Bo Young, who is steadily exerting her positive influence, recently finished filming Netflix’s series “Daily Dose of Sunshine” and is currently preparing for the release of the movie “Concrete Utopia.”

Source: Wikitree

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