Nicknamed “Little Sulli” and almost debuted in YG new girl group, a trainee cause regrets 

Despite having trained for a long time, this trainee, who is nicknamed “Little Sulli”, was unable to become a member of YG new girl group. 

In order to debut as an idol and perform on stage, Kpop trainees have to work painstakingly for years. However, hardworking as they are, not all trainees manage to become artists, causing regrets. A prime example of this is Kang Seo Jin, who was born in 2000 and left YG Entertainment after about 8 years of training. 

Kang Seo Jin
Kang Seo Jin left YG after years of training 

As YG unveils the identity of its new girl group, attention was drawn to Kang Seo Jin. With cute and lively visuals, the trainee is often compared to former f(x) member Sulli, and so earned the nickname of “Little Sulli”.

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Before being scouted by YG, Kang Seo Jin was a trainee at SM and participated in “Kpop Star” season 4. Her powerful vocals are highly appreciated, so she was once expected to take on the main vocal position in YG’s upcoming rookie girl group.

Kang Seo Jin
Kang Seo Jin has lovely visuals that remind fans of Sulli 

Unfortunately, Kang Seo Jin will not become a part of “BLACKPINK’s little sister”. After leaving YG, Kang Seo Jin uploaded a short cover to “Ditto” by NewJeans.  Although it is only a short video of about 30 seconds, Kang Seo Jin’s sweet voice makes netizens find it even more regrettable that YG has lost a trainee with such outstanding talent.

Kang Seo Jin “Ditto” (NewJeans) cover 
Kang Seo Jin
Although she has left YG, fans hope Kang Seo Jin will join a new company to continue dream of becoming an idol

Source: k14

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