IU hosts pizza party for children with disabilities on Children’s Day

Singer-actress IU celebrates Children’s Day by giving pizza to students at a special needs school. 

On May 4th, the Milal Welfare Foundation announced that IU had gifted pizza to students of Milal School in celebration of Children’s Day. According to the Milal Welfare Foundation, the pizza gift was inspired by IU’s talent donation with the song “One Step” in April.

“One Step” is a song created by Jehwi, who composed IU’s “Through the Night” and “Dlwlrma”, as well as Jung Seung Hwan’s “Snowman”. The song reflects Jehwi’s experience working as a social service agent at Milal School, a special school for people with developmental disabilities. The song conveys a message of hope for children with disabilities like the students of Milal School, as well as everyone who tirelessly strives for small changes. IU, who has worked with Jehwi on several songs, participated in the song’s featuring as a talent donation.


After sending a snack truck with a message of support to the “One Step” music video shooting site in March, IU continued her connection with Milal School by giving a “pizza party” to the school for Children’s Day, showing her will to send a present for special needs children.

In particular, on May 4th, IU prepared enough pizza, drinks, and rice cakes for lunch for all students and teachers at Milal School. Notably, IU’s mother also helped prepare the rice cakes, adding a touch of warmth.

A representative from Milal School said, “IU gifted a pizza party for Milal School students on Children’s Day”, adding, “We sincerely thank IU for showing her warm heart for children with disabilities, even during her busy schedule.”

Source: Wikitree

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