BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the female Kpop idol with the best physique – a detailed analysis

No matter what angle one is looking at, Lisa of BLACKPINK has the perfect figure. 

It is impossible not to mention BLACKPINK’s Lisa when discussing Kpop idols with the best physique. To many netizens, this main dancer is an absolute queen when it comes to body figures, and there are many reasons for their opinion. 


Undoubtedly, Lisa owns a fiery body that every girl would die for, with square shoulders, alluring cleavage, a super small waist and long slim legs. The idol has the body of a supermodel, and on her, every outfit looks downright luxurious. Her body proportions also helped Lisa slay the catwalk on the most prestigious fashion stages. 

Lisa’s body is a dream from all angles. 

The idol owns a golden 9:1 body ratio, while her legs are the best in Kpop. 

Despite her height of 5ft4 (167cm), lower than Rosé, Lisa owns the longest pair of legs. 

Luxurious square shoulders  

Every outfit that reveals the shoulder is Lisa’s own playground. The female idol can look deadly sexy with just this part showing. 
Whether it’s on the stage…
…or in real life, Lisa’s shoulders are oozing luxury vibes. 

Modest but chic cleavage

Many people assumed Lisa can’t be sexy since she has a skinny figure. However, the moment this idol showed off her cleavage in alluring clothes, they were completely blown away. 

A glimpse of the idol’s bust is fatal enough. 
To look this chic in a sweetheart neckline, Lisa is truly a body queen. 
The female idol has been boasting this feature of hers more often. 

One of the smallest waists in Kpop

Lisa’s super small waist is another remarkable feature. 
Netizens can’t help but admire this perfect figure of Lisa. 
Photoshop is useless when you have abs and a waist as tiny as Lisa. 
Even in casual photos, Lisa’s physique proves itself to be the best in Kpop. 
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