Will this be the debut line-up of BLACKPINK’s sister group?

Netizens are excited about this rumour!

Recently a photo that is supposed to be YG’s next girl group is shared on social networks. Accordingly, this girl group may have 4 members.

However, among these 4 girls, netizens are focusing their attention on Kang Seojin. She is one of the most popular trainees of YG currently. The trainee born in 2000 is known as “little Sulli”. She has an impressive height of 168cm. Before becoming a trainee of YG, Kang Seojin participated in Kpop Star 4 and practised at SM Entertainment. 

Many people think that this is the line up of Baby Monster.  Earlier on social networks, many rumours were spread about this girl group. During TREASURE’s reality show, fans also discovered a practice room titled “Baby Monster’s dance studio” at YG’s new headquarters.

However, fans also believe that this group does not have an outstanding visual member. Netizens believe that if compared to YG’s visual line including Sandara, Jinwoo, Jisoo, it is clear that this new group will not have anyone qualified to enter the “visual-line” at all.

Up to now, YG has never confirmed any rumours regarding the company’s next girl group. Therefore, YG’s fans and Kpop fans are extremely curious about YG’s next-generation girl group.  Many believe that this group will be released soon to join the 4th generation Kpop race when SM has aespa, JYP already has ITZY and Big Hit is preparing to debut a girl group in 2021.

Comments from Knets:

1. [+75, -3] Do they not have anyone in the Sandara-Kim Jinwoo-Jisoo’s visual lineup?

2. [+61, -27] I found the comment dragging Lisa below so dumbfounding so I’m leaving this comment. Lisa was pretty, had a good physique and was also good at dancing. She was their #1 trainee and she even spoke 3 languages. Even as a foreign member, she studied Korean so hard and is at the top among foreign idols right now. Please don’t look down on Lisa… Even so, she has over 50 million followers on Instagram and she’s also the ambassador for Celine and Bvlgariㅎㅎ…

3. [+55, 0] But is this their final lineup…? Where did you get this?? I saw the YG trainee gallery and nobody is talking about them

4. [+44, -2] Huh? What’s up with you b*tches hating on Lisa? Lisa’s face, physical and skills are all above average

5. [+34, 0] If they don’t want to compete with BP but at least compete with Aespa, shouldn’t they have at least one visual member?… It’s too early to judge but I don’t think they have a visual based on these pictures..

6. [+30, 0] The first one really looks like actress Pyo Yejin

7. [+28, 0] Jennie during her trainee days

Source: Nate

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