Sandara Park: “After we disbanded, our fans felt very lost and sad… They cheered me on since I always tried to stay humble”

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park conveyed her sincerity to fans.

Recently, a video titled “Sandara’s night skincare ‘items’ + story she wants to tell her fans” was posted on Vogue Korea’s YouTube channel.

She said, “Before I go to sleep, instead of just applying moisture cream, I mix it with oil. Many celebrities, and makeup shops use this item. I also mix it with cream and apply it to my skin. Sometimes I finish it off like this. If I apply a rich, generous layer and go to sleep, on the next day, when I see my face in the bathroom mirror, I feel so sad that no one can see my face.”

Sandara Park

She added, “Because I love oils so much, my friends and even my mom tell me ‘Aren’t you applying a bit too much?’ However, in order to have beautiful skin, I’ve heard that oil is very important. So after shower, even during the hottest shower, even in the summer, you have to douse your entire body with oil until oil seeps out of the slippers. That was the beauty secret of the ancient Greek goddesses.”

Sandara Park

Afterwards, Sandara Park introduced a verse of Kim Dong-ryul’s “Thanks” as her favorite song, saying that it made her feel comfortable before going to bed.

Sandara Park confessed, “The reason I wanted to read this verse to you is… For those who love me, especially my fans, this verse contains the feeling I’ve always wanted to share with you. I didn’t know this song that well. But once, I went to see a play in Daehangno. However, unlike musicals, plays don’t use microphones. They make sounds by voice only. There was this scene. After a long and difficult courtship, the male protagonist proposes to his lover. I watched him sing this song at the top of his lungs, and I started to tear up.”

Sandara Park

She continued, “I usually cry quite frequently, but I don’t like crying in front of others. I mean, I didn’t cry that much even when we won 1st prize. After we disbanded, our fans also felt very lost and sad. And since I always tried to stay humble, ‘Have more self-esteem, Sandara…’ Wait, was it self-esteem? To the fans who cheered me on by saying ‘Be more confident, Sandara’. I didn’t want them to feel ashamed of being my fan, or ashamed of being fans of 2NE1. Because of that I’ve always wanted to sing this song for them.”

Sandara Park

She expressed her gratitude towards fans, “But, it’s not the right key for me to sing it. Still I’m very happy that I could at least read it for you. No matter where you go in the future, so that you will not be ashamed that you like and support me, I will always try my hardest and show you the best of me. I love you, my dear fans.”


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