Im Yoon-ah and Ahn Bo-hyun confirmed their casting for “2 O’Clock Date” after Kim Seon-ho left

“2 O’Clock Date” confirmed the casting of Im Yoon-ah, Ahn Bo-hyun, Sung Dong-il, Joo Hyun-young and has begun filming on April 28th.

“2 O’Clock Date” is a romantic comedy, in which director Lee Sang-geun of “Exit” and production company Filmmaker R & K reunite, about a woman downstairs with a secret beyond imagination and a man upstairs meeting for an extraordinary date at 2 a.m.


Im Yoon-ah played the role of Jeong Seon-ji, a lovely but unexpected woman downstairs. Im Yoon-ah will demonstrate how she has improved in “2 O’Clock Date” by showing new charms that have not been seen in her filmography so far. She has grown into a trustworthy actress across movies and dramas.


Ahn Bo-hyun will play the role of Gil-gu, the representative unemployed living upstair who spent time with Seon-ji every dawn. Expectations are high for the young Gil-gu character, which will be born in the hands of Lee Sang-geun, who created the role of the unprecedented young character Yong-nam in “Exit.”

Ahn Bohyun

Sung Dong-il and Joo Hyun-young will join hands to show strong chemistry between families. Sung Dong-il, who is known as the best actor to play the role of a father through the “Reply” series, has returned this time to play the role of father Jang Jung-soo, who cares terribly for Jung Sun-ji. And Joo Hyun-young, who has recently been loved by the MZ generation for her SNL series, will make her screen debut by playing the role of Jeong A-ra, the cousin of Jeong Sun-ji (Im Yoon-ah). Joo Hyun-young‘s challenge to play the character of Jung A-ra, who has a good sense and a quick hunch, is highly expected.


Director Lee Sang-geun said, “I’m honored and happy to crank in my second film. I am even happier that the staff and actors who I can trust and rely on are gathered together. I want to complete a movie that the audience will enjoy and like,” he said. “I’m already excited because I think I’ll be able to spend a hot summer with the ‘Exit’ team again. I’ll do my best.” Ahn Bo-hyun said, “I’m attracted by its different scenarios at once. I enjoyed watching “Exit” so much that I’m excited to be with director Lee Sang-geun and I feel reassured to work with Im Yoon-ah,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho was originally scheduled to appear on “2 O’Clock Date,” but dropped out last year due to controversy over his personal life.

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