The untold story of “Figure Skating Queen” Kim Yu-na who has donated 5 billion won to the charity so far

As the figure skating event was loved by the public at the 2022 Beijing Olympics, interest in the original “Figure Skating Queen” Kim Yu-na also heated up. 

IHQ’s “Secret News Room,” which aired on Feb 19th, surprised viewers by reporting that Kim Yu-na‘s cumulative donation amounted to as much as 5 billion won.

Kim Yu-na’s good deed has long been widely known, proving her perfect personality alongside her perfect figure skating skills. Kim Yu-na donated $100,000 (about 119.5 million won) to UNICEF in 2021 to support the supply of vaccines against the current pandemic.

She, who is also a member of the UNICEF Korean Committee‘s high-value sponsor group Honors Club, was appointed as the youngest UNICEF goodwill ambassador in 2010 and is still active.

Kim Yu-na delivered the damage fund to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake, and after that, she continued to reach out to needy neighbors such as childrens who are the heads of their households, children with incurable diseases, and children with disabilities.

In addition, former figure skater Park So-yeon appeared in the “Secret News Room” on the same day, introducing her beautiful story about Kim Yu-na.

Park So-yeon said, “Kim Yu-na is charismatic on the outside, but she is soft and warm on the inside.” She went on to say, “When practice didn’t go well as I expected, she comfort her juniors, telling us to calm down and don’t be too hurried.” Park So-yeon also expressed her respect for Kim Yu-na, adding, “Everything she says is a wise saying.”

Viewers who watched the broadcast once again realized the reason why they called Kim Yu-na “God Yu-na.”


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