Vogue released a behind-the-scenes video of Rosé at Met Gala and published an article to praise her

It seems like Rosé’s appearance at Met Gala has left an unforgettable impression on the public.

Although Rosé’s “debut” at Met Gala didn’t meet the expectations of fans, she still left them with heart-throbbing moments that they couldn’t forget. Recently, to memorialize Rosé’s first appearance at this event, Vogue has made an article just to praise her.

Vogue made a video just for Rosé

The 4-minute video showed all the behind-the-scenes footage of the Saint Laurent’s ambassador getting her makeup and hairdressing done and having a light meal before attending the Met Gala. The content production team of Vogue had recorded all this footage from the moment Rosé came to New York to the final stage of her preparation.

Rose Blackpink
Fans have been discussing about her eyeliners!
Rose Blackpink
Rosé’s lovely moment at The Peninsula New York hotel

Below the clip, Vogue also posted a long article for the Korean idol with numerous compliments for her arrival in the US. The magazine page not only talked about Rosé‘s outfit, vitality, and youthfulness but also mentioned how many other stars were attracted to the female idol. Even the famous magazine site said that she made history in her debut at the Met Gala.

Rose Blackpink
Appearing on Vogue’s website is as difficult as getting on this prestigious magazine. It’s really rare for a young star to be given such ivory words by Vogue
Rose Blackpink
Rosé and Saint Laurent Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello
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