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A female customer admires Jo In-sung’s appearance, “Are you human? I’ve stayed up all night long but I’m healed now”

The female guests admired Jo In-sung’s appearance.

In the 8th episode of tvN’s entertainment show ‘Boss By Chance 2‘ aired on April 14th, two bosses and their part-timers were shown doing their business on the evening of the 5th day.

On this day, Park Hyo-joon‘s curry pork cutlet and curry udon are added as new menu items, and people from the health center came in to eat.

Among them, a customer who is a radiological technologist found Jo In-sung while looking around the store, and she laughed out loud after exclaiming, “Wow.”

She said, “Are you a real person?” exclaimed her feelings when she saw Jo In-Sung. A nurse next to her said, “Since yesterday, how many days and nights have you stayed up to see this?” The radiologist’s guest made everyone laugh by saying, “I’m healed already.”

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