3.63 billion won was earned from “Street Woman Fighter” concert tickets… The turnaround for dancers who suffered tough lives

“Street Woman Fighter” dancers were named as stars who succeeded in reversing their lives.

Mnet’s “TMI NEWS SHOW”, which aired on June 29th, revealed the life of stars who used to work part-time jobs and reversed their life with success under the theme “Turnarounds in life. BEST 11 stars who became successful after being part-timers”. LOONA members Kim Lip, Yves, Choerry, and Hee-jin guested in this episode.

Street Woman Fighter

The 11th place went to the dancers who competed in “Street Woman Fighter” and led the craze for dancing. In the past, dancers faced many difficulties in maintaining their livelihoods so they had to do various part-time jobs. Honey J did multiple works, Aiki was a yoga teacher, Simeez was a staff at makgeolli restaurant, and Choi Hyo-jin worked at a shopping mall. In particular, Choi Hyo-jin drew regret as she was revealed to have suffered great hardship that he didn’t have enough money to buy shampoo and decided to cut her hair short.

Street Woman Fighter

Before the broadcast of “Street Woman Fighter”, the dancers earned less than 1.44 million won per month, which was calculated at the minimum hourly wage of 8,590 won. However, after competing in “Street Woman Fighter”, crews’ income increased by 300 times, and each of the dancers got paid about 40 times more. The amount they received from selling tickets for the recent “Street Woman Fighter” concert alone is known to reach 3.63 billion won.  

Street Woman Fighter Concert

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