Lee Sung-kyung fell in love with golf at the level of a maniac… From successful fan to ambassador

Actress Lee Sung-kyung confessed that she fell in love with golf at the level of a maniac. About a year later, she was selected as the official ambassador of a golf brand. In other words, she became a successful fan with her extraordinary love for golf.

On June 29th, Dunlop Sports Korea announced, “We selected Lee Sung-kyung as the official ambassador for XXIO. Lee Sung-kyung was selected as the brand’s official ambassador, judging that she is an icon that can well represent XXIO to Enjoyable golfers – XXIO’s core user base.”

lee sung kyung golf

Lee Sung-kyung, who is serious about golf, said, “XXIO is a club and ball brand that I have always wanted to have. I am satisfied with the design as well as the functional aspect. Just by being with a brand that has already been verified, I feel very excited and confident.”

Lee Sung-kyung confessed that she fell in love with golf last year. She appeared on the entertainment show “SeriMoney Club” and showed her extraordinary love for golf. At that time, Lee Sung-kyung said, “It’s been over 3 months since I started playing golf. I wonder if this expression is intense, but I’m into golf at the level of a maniac.”

lee sung kyung golf

Why did Lee Sung-kyung fall in love with golf? She revealed, “There was a vacancy, so an acquaintance took me to the golf course. I borrowed golf shoes in a hurry and learned how to catch grip the day before. I didn’t even have golf wear, so I went in training clothes. The ball went far away. It was fun.”

It was Girls’ Generation member-actress Choi Soo-young who helped Lee Sung-kyung step into the golf world. Choi Soo-young shared, “I preached golf to Sung-kyung. I thought she’d play well, and in fact she was really cool. She’s improved a lot. It was a waste of her height and motor nerve to not play golf.”


Lee Sung-kyung became the official ambassador of the golf brand she had hoped for. With various activities as an ambassador in the future, attention is focused on what kind of image she will show.

Source: daum

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