Kwon Eun-bi Invites 50 Fans for Her Birthday with Dazzling Fan Service

Singer Kwon Eun-bi, on the occasion of her birthday, demonstrated her dazzling love for her fans

According to her agency, Kwon Eun-bi held a birthday celebration event at a café in Seoul’s Seongsu-dong on the 27th and spent special time with her fans.

Previously, her agency, Woollim Entertainment, conducted a hashtag event on their official SNS to celebrate Kwon Eun-bi’s birthday, inviting a total of 50 fans to the birthday cafe through a lucky draw.


On this day, Kwon Eun-bi appeared in an adorable outfit, wearing a sparkling headband and large butterfly wings, which delighted her fans. She then transformed into a barista exclusively for her fan club, Ruby (Kwon Eun-bi’s official fan club name), and provided a special fan service by personally making coffee and various drinks for all the fans.

Known for her exceptional love for her fans, Kwon Eun-bi warmly greeted each fan, took selfies together, and openly displayed her “fanatical” side. With a bright smile on her face, she made eye contact with each fan and conveyed her sincere feelings, creating unforgettable memories.

kwon eun bi

But that’s not all – Kwon Eun-bi added a surprise fan event to further touch the hearts of her fans. Just before the start of the Chuseok holiday, she distributed beautifully packaged rice cakes and songpyeon (traditional Korean rice cakes) to the fans at the event, proving her immense love for her fans.

In addition, Kwon Eun-bi will hold her “2023 Kwon Eun-bi 3rd Concert ‘QUEEN'” at the Seoul Bluesquare Mastercard Hall on October 7th and 8th for two consecutive days, where she will meet her global fans.

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