Crazy Horse Cabaret Director Reveals BLACKPINK Lisa’s a Fan and Came to Watch the Shows Several Times, K-netizens React

On September 28, 29, and 30, BLACKPINK Lisa is set to light up the stage at the iconic Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris

What makes this performance even more captivating is the revelation from the Crazy Horse Cabaret’s director himself.

lisa blackpink

In an exclusive interview with ELLE magazine, the director disclosed the story behind Lisa’s upcoming appearances. “Lisa is a fan of Crazy Horse,” he shared. “She came several times, often going backstage to meet the dancers. It occurred to me that inviting her to perform would be a brilliant idea, and she readily agreed.”

Lisa approached her new gig with unmatched professionalism. The Cabaret kept everything under wraps, especially during BLACKPINK’s tour in France last July. The concept was clear – to transform Lisa into a Crazy Horse dancer, from mastering the art of seduction to the precision of every move. This transformation, driven by Lisa’s own desires, has been nothing short of thrilling.

Crazy Horse Cabaret is known for being an emblem of proud, free-spirited, curious, and confident women. Lisa aligns seamlessly with the Cabaret’s core values, making it a perfect match. 

The director’s interview has quickly garnered attention. In response, Korean netizens have divided opinions, as they left comments on the online community theqoo:

  • “She doesn’t seem to have any plans for a re-contract with a Korean entertainment agency anyway. She is already a world star with this level of high-end image, so she can just do free activities without K-pop and BLACKPINK sticking to her name now.”
  • “It will be difficult for Thai girls to become idol trainees in the future. What if they follow Lisa, whom they admire, and do something like this?”
  • “No one cares about your pride or freedom.”
  • “Oh, so it’s her personal preference.”
  • “Congratulations on your stripper debut.”
  • “A luxury ambassador becomes a stripper…”
  • “It’s a strip show, and they expect young women to take an interest in it…”
  • So she is a true fan of Crazy Horse, huh?”
  • Lisa just has that kind of taste. She’s just been good at image-making all this time in YG”
  • “The fact that Lisa went to see such shows in her spare time shows she was completely indifferent to women’s issues. YG has been great at making images for her all this time.”
  • “She has no thoughts, does she?”
  • “She’s ruining her high-end image.”
  • “I think YG probably opposed this. Wasn’t she acting on her own without any staff when her contract was about to end? That’s why she went abroad alone, without a manager or staff.”
  • “Why does a successful woman like Lisa choose to do this?”
  • “Do it without the BLACKPINK name.”
  • “Of course, it’s annoying when the BLACKPINK name is mentioned like this. They are the top girl group in Korea… Doesn’t Lisa even consider the group’s image now that the contract is over? It seems like she won’t be engaging in K-pop anymore.”
  • “It’s amazing that she went to see such shows multiple times…”
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