Profile of aespa – SM’s talented but scandalous rookie girl group

As the girl group that SM launched at the end of 2020 with attractive profile pictures and great pre-debut achievements, aespa is expected to achieve success.

Who is aespa?

On October 25, 2020, SM Entertainment announced that they would debut a new girl group called aespa.  The group name is a combination of the English words “avatar”, “experience” and “aspect”.  This is SM’s new girl group that was expected to follow in the footsteps of successful seniors like SNSD, F(x), and Red Velvet.

aespa - SM’s talented but scandalous rookie girl group

Biographies of aespa members:


  • Real name: Kim Minjoeng
  •  Date of birth: 01/01/2001
  •  Zodiac: Aquarius
  •  Height: 1m65
  •  Blood type A
  •  Nationality: Korea
  •  Position in the group: Visual, Lead Vocalist, Dancer
Profile of aespa - SM’s talented but scandalous rookie girl group

Winter is the first introduced member in the group and is praised by netizens for looking like Taeyeon (SNSD), but there are also opinions that Winter is pretty but not too prominent in SM’s female idol lineup.


  • Real name: Yoo Jimin
  • Date of birth: April 11, 2000
  •  Zodiac: Aries
  •  Height: 1m67
  •  Nationality: Korean
  •  Position in the group: Leader, Representative Face, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper

Before debuting, Yoo Jimin (Karina) was favored by the management company to participate in the MV, perform on stage with Taemin (Shinee).  However, her debut with aespa was probably not smooth when Karina was not appreciated for her beauty but was also said to have a bad attitude towards the hottest names in Kpop like BTS, EXO, NCT.

Especially, Karina came under fire for leaked conversations between her and a friend, where she allegedly criticized SM Entertainment and slammed groups like NCT, Exo and even BTS. 


  • Real name: Ning Yizhuo
  •  Year of birth: October 23, 2002
  •  Zodiac: Libra
  •  Height: 1m65
  •  Blood type: B
  •  Nationality: China
  •  Position in the group: Main vocal, Maknae
aespa - SM’s talented but scandalous rookie girl group

NingNing was introduced in the 2016 SM Rookies project. At that time, the video of a 14-year-old girl singing received many compliments from netizens.  Before that, she also participated in many shows in her home country of China. NingNing is friends with some NCT members and the female idol is a big fan of Jennie (Blackpink).

The thought that NingNing would not be scandalized like the second member of the group, but recently netizens have dug up her scandal in the past.  For example, in 2017, she was discovered to be the manager of a fan chat group and was also accused of leaking SM projects.  In 2018, NingNing shared information about the upcoming girl group or other trainees to fans, after becoming an official trainee, NingNing held a celebration party even though it was not allowed. In 2020, she opened an Instagram account, upload pictures when filming the debut MV, and then delete it.


  • Real name: Aeri Uchinaga
  •  Date of birth: October 30, 2000
  •  Zodiac: Scorpio
  •  Height: 1m62
  •  Blood type O
  •  Nationality: Japan
  •  Position in the group: Main Rapper, Vocal
aespa - SM’s talented but scandalous rookie girl group

Giselle is Japanese-Korean.  It only took her about a year of practice to be able to debut in Aespa’s lineup with the rest of the members.  The female idol has the ability to rap and sing well.  Besides being able to play musical instruments such as guitar, piano,…Giselle can also speak fluently in all 3 languages: Japanese, Korean, English, promising to become the “interpreter” of the group.  

Aespa is unlucky to have 3/4 members who are criticized for past scandalous actions.  Since she was a child, she lived and studied in the US, so after her debut, she was accused of smoking and drinking while underage.  This information has a great impact on the female idol born in 2000.

Also, Giselle has an amazing background family.  She used to study at a prestigious and expensive international school called International School of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo.  Giselle is a relative of the famous reporter, the director of the ABC News office in Seoul – Cho Joo Hee.

aespa’s first debut

At the World Cultural Industry, Forum 2020 held on October 28, Lee Soo Man briefly introduced the concept behind Aespa.  He explained that Aepsa has two groups of members that exist in parallel: Real-life members and avatar members.  Both types of members will interact with each other through the digital world as shown in the video introduced.

Ever since the information about aespa was revealed, SM has made the public excited.  Because, although they are not appreciated for their singing skills, the girl groups of this company so far such as SNSD, F(x), Red Velvet all possess beautiful beauty and always have popular visuals such as Yoona (SNSD), Krystal (F(x)), Irene (Red Velvet),…

aespa - SM’s talented but scandalous rookie girl group

Therefore, when the name aespa was introduced, fans expected it to be a girl group with “SM standard” beauty and the group’s debut photos were far different from what fans thought.

If SM’s previous girl groups had a debut picture with a simple concept, showing off their beautiful and natural visuals, aespa’s photos were considered to be over-edited, making the members look “too much”  virtual” and look eerily similar.  These images made many netizens feel disappointed and afraid that the group would not stand out and be difficult to succeed like their SM seniors. 

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