An Iranian rapper insulted BTS after being accused by ARMY of plagiarizing the group’s logo

Recently, an Iranian rapper named Mehrad Hidden caused controversy when creating a logo quite similar to BTS’s

Recently, Mehrad Hidden, also a member of the hip-hop group Zedbazi, was accused of stealing BTS’s ARMY logo and using it for his own track.  ARMY noted the similarities and pointed out that it was very similar to BTS’s registered logo and informed the rapper of the incident.

Although currently, the logo photo posted by Mehrad Hidden on Instagram has been deleted, it can still be seen almost completely similar to the logo published by Big Hit.  After BTS fans thought it was plagiarism, the male rapper responded with a post in Iranian with the content: “Who are those guys?”.

In addition, fans of Mehrad Hidden also tagged the male rapper in posts that insulted BTS.  Finally, Mehrad Hidden did not apologize for having copied the logo as well as malicious comments from him and his fans.  However, the male rapper quickly posted a letter on Instagram stating that his post was improperly taken down and insisting he did nothing wrong: 

“As I believe there were no similarities between my post and the band logo that it was reported to be copied from, I think it to be a mistake that my latest post was removed without anyone looking into the allegations made or any reasons given to me officially. Please look into the matter and get back to me as soon as possible.”

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