“The reason J-Hope is a genius,” the review from a professional producer is going viral

BTS J-Hope is currently a hot topic because an active professional producer recently praised him.

Producer Crazy Gamsung posted a video titled “The reason why J-Hope is a genius from the perspective of a professional composer” on his YouTube channel on Mar 14th. Based on the interpretation of J-Hope’s solo self-composed song “Outro: Ego,” this producer sheds light on J-Hope’s versatility.

Crazy Gamsung has produced songs for INFINITE, TVXQ, Super Junior, Buzz, Brown Eyed Girls, Ali, Big Mama and has been working as a producer for 16 years.  Currently, he is introducing K-pop from the composer’s point of view by appearing in SBS radio ‘Kim Young-chul’s Power FM’ Friday’s corner ‘K-razy Review’.

BTS J-hope

Crazy Gamsung talked about J-Hope’s strengths in just one word, “He’s good at everything. His overall balance is so perfect it’s unreal. He is good at rapping, singing, dancing, as well as making pop music melodies. Even if he sings a solo song alone, he performs the rap part amazingly with the beat, sings the song part beautifully, and then dances crazily. It’s a song that he sings alone, but he is so good at producing songs that listeners are never bored of.”

In particular, he praised the idea of J-Hope’s vocal melody as a genius. For that reason, the chorus melody, solo melody, and rap were all arranged in the first eight bars of “Outro:Ego.” This natural transition is so great that it is said to be crazy from the composer’s point of view.

BTS J-hope

As for the chorus, he commented, “The brass melody composition of the drop part is too good. Usually, in the case of men’s solo songs, the chorus comes out after 16 bars, and the chorus of “Outro: Ego” comes out after 24 bars. However, in the chorus, a brass melody comes out instead of a song. The melody of the chorus accompaniment is like a vocal melody, so he didn’t sing to avoid a chaotic fight in that part.”

As for the rap composition, “J-Hope is the coolest when he raps. His ability to build up with his unique voice is unique. It is the same in ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’.”

Crazy Gamsung said, “I realized through Kim Yu-na that art is not an area where one can succeed just by talent alone. J-Hope has a genius talent, but he must have worked hard beyond that. He is perfect and has a perfect balance between rap, singing, dancing, lyrics and melody making. I was motivated by thinking about how much effort he must have put into it.”

BTS J-hope

J-Hope entered the entertainment industry as the first trainee of Big Hit Entertainment (now HYBE) in 2010 and has been active as a rapper, main dancer, vocalist and lyricist, composer and producer of BTS. He began to be listed in the Korea Music Copyright Association in 2012, before his debut, and currently holds the copyright of 119 songs as a regular member.

“Outro: Ego” is included in BTS’s 4th full-length album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” in 2020. At the time the song was announced, it was highly praised by famous foreign media. Britain’s Metro Entertainment said, “It’s like an antidote to a gloomy day. It’s one of the best tracks on the album,” while Rolling Stone from the U.S said, “This song gave me the most amazing moment throughout this album.” 

BTS J-hope

The American Sequence described it as “I feel like I’m shocked by joy with a defibriallator,” while Canada’s Exclam said, “It decorated the beautiful finale of the album. It’s a good choice for the FIFA World Cup.”

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