There will be no Kpop groups to match BTS’s level of success, said netizens

Netizens discuss if BTS’s success is a once-in-a-lifetime thing in the Kpop industrystry.

Netizens and fans still can’t believe that BTS was invited to the White House to speak with president Joe Biden about the Anti-Asian hate crimes, Asian inclusion, and diversity.

Recently, BTS was invited to the White House to converse with US president Joe Biden about discrimination against Asians – an event which came completely unexpected. As the first Kpop group to ever appear on such a platform, it’s no exaggeration to say that BTS managed to once again make history. 

Shortly after this visit, however, a topic started to gain attention among Korean netizens, who question if there will be any group that can get as big and impactful as BTS. According to them, BTS is simply at a height never seen before in Kpop, and has achieved more than any previous Kpop artists. “The legend among legends”, these people nicknamed the 7-member boy group. 

BTS at a press conference prior to their meeting with US President Joe Biden. 

Below are some comments from Korean netizens on the topic:

  • They really are the first in Kpop to achieve this level of influence
  • I used to think that being invited to the Blue House is already big enough… but now BTS is giving speeches at the White House
  • To have another like them in the history of Korea? I think BTS’d be the first and the last to achieve this. 
  • The BTS sensation is simply once-in-a-life time. 
  • They are truly a legend among legends. Literally never have there been anyone like them in history. 

Alongside their music career, the 7-member boy group is also a representative for positive messages against violence and discrimination. Their unprecedented appearance at the White House is a true testament of the group’s humongous impact.

Previously in 2017, BTS, along with their agency, also joined hands with UNICEF to head an anti-violence campaign called “LOVE MYSELF”. Ever since, the project has helped raised funds for UNICEF to ameliorate the living situations of children and teenages, and prevent violence towards them. 

Source: K14

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