September Idol Personal Brand Reputation Ranking: Lisa reached the highest position since her debut

While BTS Jimin has maintained his tremendous popularity, BLACKPINK Lisa has risen to the 2nd top spot thanks to her solo debut.

The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for individual idols! The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community awareness indexes of 1,453 idols, using big data collected from August 22, 2021, to September 22, 2021.

BTS’s Jimin held onto his spot at the top of the list this month with a brand reputation index of 6,294,959. Compared to the brand reputation index of 7,217,872 in May, it fell 12.79%. Koo Chang-hwan, director of the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, said, “In the individual brand reputation rankings for idols in September 2021, the Jimin brand of BTS ranked first. Analysis of brand big data showed that the brand big data decreased by 16.01% compared to 153,833,116 brand big data in May 2021. According to the detailed analysis, brand consumption decreased by 22.61%, brand issue decreased by 44.60%, brand communication increased by 6.81%, and brand expansion increased by 4.30%.”


BLACKPINK’s Lisa came in at second with a brand reputation index of 5,686,192, marking an impressive 343.64 percent rise in her score since May. This is her highest position since her debut as a BLACKPINK member. With the impact of her successful solo debut, Lisa’s reputation in Korea skyrocketed.


3rd place, Kang Daniel’s brand was analyzed as brand reputation index of 4,583,331 with participation index of 1,073,816; media index of 1,016,873; communication index of 1,233,231; community index of 1,259,412. Compared to the brand reputation index of 6,899,570 in May, it fell by 33.57%. Recently, Kang Daniel attracted attention after participating Mnet’s hit show Street Woman Fighter as a host.


With brand reputation indices of 4,521,696  and 4,374,333, BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie were placed 4th and 5th, respectively.

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