“Totally my style!! It’s cool”… This is the top actress who certified BTS V’s bag

Actress Go So-young’s SNS proof shot is making netizens envious.

Go So-young

On Jan 25th, a post titled “Go So-young authenticated the bag made by BTS V” was uploaded on the online community “theqoo”.

The author posted a capture of Go So-young‘s Instagram story without any captions. The reason why the post received attention is that the bag is difficult to obtain.

Go So-young posted a picture of the Boston Bag that V (Kim Tae-hyung) personally planned as a BTS MD product. V‘s photo card stood out. The actress left phrases saying “Thank you♥”, “Totally my style!! It’s cool”.

V‘s “MUTE Boston Bag” is rumored to be difficult to obtain as it was sold out at the start of sales. There was also a purchase chaos among fans.

The sale price was set at 165,000 won, but the price soared to $12,900 (15.44 million won) on ebay.

Netizens showed various reactions

Netizens showed various reactions such as “If you succeed in purchasing it yourself, you’ve got a golden hand! If you receive it as a gift, you are a talented person…”, “I want it too. I’m jealous!”, “Please sell it again”...

bts v


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