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    “At music shows, ISAC….” Ex-Lovelyz Jin sparked controversy after revealing the truth about idol dating (+apology)

    Jin, a former member, apologized for causing a stir after disclosing secrets about idols’ romantic relationships.
    11 mins ago

    Donnie Yen’s foot volleyball skills are poor…”It’s too burdensome” (Running Man)

    Donnie Yen filled "Running Man" with his unexpected charm.
    25 mins ago

    Kpop idols so gorgeous they are compared to CGI: aespa Karina and BTS V unparalleled?

    These Kpop idols owns visual are so surreal they are compared to computer graphics 
    28 mins ago

    The reason Lee Seung Gi does not respond to Lee Sun Hee’s silence over his conflict with Hook

    Singer Lee Seung Gi draws attention as he is trying to keep his loyalty to his teacher Lee Sun Hee,…

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