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    “Agency” Son Na Eun criticized for terrible acting…Criticism and prejudice against idol-turned-actors

    Singers and idols prove their abilities through singing, dancing and flairs. Even if you have star quality, you have to…
    5 mins ago

    The love beyond trials of Lee Seung Gi and Da In, 2 years from dating to marriage

    Despite facing various trials, protests, and malicious comments, the love between Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In has come…
    14 mins ago

    Netflix witnessed record high application use and increased usage time thanks to “The Glory” 

    “The Glory” starring Song Hye-kyo has helped retain app users for Netflix. 
    17 mins ago

    Lee Seung Gi suddenly announces his marriage with Lee Da In

    Singer-actor Lee Seung Gi personally made an announcement that he is marrying his girlfriend, actress Lee Da In.
    23 mins ago

    “Physical: 100” PD Jang Ho Ki, “BTS Jungkook watched the show and we gained 10 million viewers… Thank you so much”

    “Physical: 100” producer explained why the program is receiving explosive reactions overseas.
    27 mins ago

    2 K-dramas have been taking Netflix by storm with explosive ratings 

    A large number of Korean TV programs have been listed on Netflix’s “Top 10”, proving strong global popularity.  

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