The reason why Son Seok-gu, who said he wanted to get married quickly and have children, is going to become a “daughter’s fool”

Along with the popularity of “The Roundup,” the public’s favor towards Son Seok-gu is rising vertically.

In the play, Son Seok-gu played the role of a frustratingly evil villain Kang Hae-sang, but he shook fans’ hearts with his chic and sexy visuals.

As he shows his soft puppy-like charms in real life, fans can’t easily get out of Son Seok-gu’s charm.

As Son Seok-gu emerged as a popular star, his past footsteps are being dug back, especially this moment in the making video of tvN’s “Mother,” which aired in 2018.

son seok gu mother

At that time, Son Seok-gu worked with a child actress. While saying his lines, he suddenly made an NG as he gave a big dad smile because he can’t resist the cute visual of the child actress.

In addition, Son Seok-gu was seen receiving the ramen handed by the little actress with his palm while the ramen went straight to his mouth. It was almost like seeing a date between a father and his daughter.

son seok gu mother

Son Seok-gu couldn’t take his eyes off the child actress all the time, predicting his future of being a “daughter’s fool.”

In fact, Son Seok-gu did mention his view on marriage while talking about love through an interview with the movie “Romance in Love” last year.

son seok gu mother

Son Seok-gu, who said earlier that a humorous woman is his ideal type, said, “Since I got older, I think I’m having a more realistic relationship than before. I don’t feel the romance in dating right now,” he said, adding, “I have a dream about marriage.”

son seok gu mother

“Now I want to get married and have children. I’m at an age where I have to be responsible in reality,” he said. I already have a vague imagination about marriage.”

son seok gu mother

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