Shocking fact about an actor in his 20s who was exempted from military service

Suspicions of military service corruption are expected to spread to the entertainment industry as well.

On Dec 29th, it was confirmed that among the 70 people suspected of evading military service that Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office – Criminal department 5 (chief prosecutor Park Eun Hye) listed as subjects of investigation, an actor in his 20s who appeared in movies and dramas was included.

The prosecution is known to have confirmed that not only the general public but also famous sports players and actors avoided military service while investigating military service brokers who helped people be exempted from military service through the method of diagnosing epilepsy. In fact, professional volleyball player Jo Jae Sung confessed on Instagram on Dec 28th that he was an object of active duty service, but after meeting a broker, he was diagnosed with epilepsy and was judged to be a level-4 public service worker.

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On Dec 21st, the prosecution arrested and indicted Goo, a broker in his 40s who was a key figure in suspicions of military service corruption this time. Goo reportedly held a meeting with those who wanted to avoid military service.

Aside from Goo, broker Kim, who recruited military service counseling clients through portal sites and helped them avoid military service by diagnosing epilepsy, is being investigated without detention.

The prosecution believes that former military administrators Goo and Kim had close ties to a certain medical institution and helped those wishing to avoid military service be diagnosed with epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a central nervous system (neurological) disorder in which brain activity becomes abnormal, causing seizures or periods of unusual behavior, sensations and sometimes loss of awareness. Draft dodgers acted as if they were epilepsy patients to avoid military service.


According to SBS News, broker Goo went to the hospital together with draft dodgers as a guardian and taught them how to get diagnosed with epilepsy. After they pretended to have a seizure, he advised them to call 119 in order to secure related records.

The actor, who was investigated by the prosecution, is also likely to have avoided military service by pretending to be an epilepsy patient during the physical examination by the Military Manpower Administration.

Source: Wikitree

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