Son Seok-gu, “I prefer marriage to dating… I want to get married and have children”

By showing diverse transformations and charms through successful works, movie “The Roundup” and JTBC’s drama “My Liberation Notes”, actor Son Seok-gu is currently a hot topic.

Together with actress Kim Ji-won, Son Seok-gu formed the so-called “Worship Couple” in the drama “My Liberation Notes” and received huge love from the viewers. Son Seok-gu transformed into the horrifying villain Kang Hae-sang in the movie “The Roundup”, which is still topping the box office in Korea, captivating the hearts of female fans by showing a 180-degree different image from his sweet and friendly appearance as Mr. Goo in “My Liberation Notes”.

My Liberation Notes

As Son Seok-gu’s diverse character transformation is attracting more and more attention, interest in the actor himself is also increasing.

While searching for various information about Son Seok-gu, such as his ideal type, alcohol tolerance, and future plans, some netizens are also looking for his view about marriage.

son seok goo

Son Seok-gu’s opinions about love and marriage were found in an interview for the promotion of the movie “Nothing Serious” last year.

“Nothing Serious” is a movie that begins when 29-year-old Ja-young, who is afraid of love and has a hard time at work, meets 33-year-old Woo-ri, who has to do things he doesn’t want to do, through a dating app. Son Seok-gu presented enthusiastic performances as Woo-ri in this movie.

son seok goo

While talking about the movie in an interview, Son Seok-gu also revealed his view about love. He confidently said, “I believe that I should be honest when I’m in a relationship”, adding, “The difference between me and Woo-ri in the movie is that I’m a lot more romantic than Woo-ri”.

Son Seok-gu also shared, “Now that I’ve gotten older, I think I prefer a realistic relationship”, adding, “I’m not thinking about dating at this time.” However, he revealed that he had a dream of marriage.

Son Seok-gu

Earlier, Son Seok-gu revealed his ideal type as a woman with a good sense of humor. He said, “Now I want to get married and have children. Realistically, I’m at the age where I can take on such responsibilities”, adding, “I already have a vague imagination about marriage.”

Son Seok-gu

Knowing Son Seok-gu’s thoughts about marriage, fans who recently fell in love with him reacted, “I hope you don’t get married”, “I’ve just joined his fandom, I can’t leave this early”, etc.

Son Seok-gu, who is enjoying his heyday, is reviewing the casting offer to star in the webtoon-based drama “Murderous Toy” as his next work.

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