Yang Chi-seung: “BTS Jin and Kim Woo Bin’s shoulders are my masterpieces”

From BTS Jin to actor Kim Woo Bin, body trainer Yang Chi-seung unveiled his relationship with the top stars.

In MBC’s “Video Star” which aired on July 30th, Yang Chi-seung starred as a guest.

Trainer Yang Chi-seung is the founder of the term “wild beast idol“. He was the physical trainer of the icon of “wild beast idols” – 2PM and 2AM. “In the late 2000s, the idols were mostly thin and slim. I wanted to make idols who are as muscular as those in the U.S“, Yang Chi-seung confessed.

BTS Jin and Kim Woo-bin’s pacific shoulders are also the works of Yang Chi-seung. “Talking about Jin, he was very thin, but he is now bearing wide shoulders that no one could follow,” said the PT.

Kim Woo-bin, on the other hand, used to have very narrow shoulders that were even called a pencil. He has worked out really hard,” he said.

Source: Dispatch

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