BTS Jungkook covered Sam Smith’s hit “Unholy”, but received mix reactions 

In a recent livestream, BTs member Jungkook had a lot of fun singing to songs of other artists, including Sam Smith’s “Unholy”.

Recently, BTS Jungkook held a livestream on fan platform Weverse, where he showed off his stunning visuals with long hair. At the same time, he made fans excited by singing to a lot of songs from other artists, including Sam Smith’s “Unholy”, which went viral across the internet, even topping the Billboard Hot 100 for several consecutive weeks.  

Jungkook’s cover of Sam Smith’s “Unholy”

Since Jungkook only sang the song spontaneously for fans to hear, the male idol did not prepare much for his cover. Thus, he was unable to pronounce the lyrics clearly, and failed to sing as clearly as the original performance of Sam Smith. 

While BTS fans generally had fun listening to Jungkook’s singing, non-fans have been expressing mixed reactions. Some even went as far as to bring up Jungkook’s past cover of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” to criticize him, and claimed that the male idol is “ill-fitted” for US-UK songs. 

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On the other hand, many people stepped up to defend Jungkook, saying that the idol was only having fun. To expect a high-quality performance out of a livestream with no proper audio nor instrument is going too far, they said. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Jungkook only sang this on a whim, so why are all of you expecting him to know by heart the melody and lyrics and pronunciation? Let idols have fun for once!
  • Do people think Jungkook is recording for an official audio? Most of the complaints are taking it way too far 
  • The pronunciation wasn’t good, but considering he did this spontaneously, it was a decent cover
  • I would like to hear Jungkook sing this song again in the proper position with proper preparations. This cover feels a little underwhelming

Source: k14

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