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WJSN Dayoung “I wanted to look thinner, so I lost 8~9kg and went down to 39kg”

The entertainment challenge of groups and 8TURN will be revealed.

STATV’s “Idol League 4”, which is scheduled to air on Feb 3rd, will feature (Songsun, Kelly, Jinha, Hyunbin, Jia, Soeun, Mire) and 8TURN (Myungho, Jaeyun, Minho, Yoonsung, Haemin, Kyungmin, Yungyu, Seungheon).

Idol league

Because of the two rookie groups’ unusual volubility, Shindong and Dayoung doubt their age. However, it is surprising that there are many members who do not yet have a resident registration card.

Shindong and Dayoung, the two presidents of “Idol League 4”, will become full-fledged counselors for and 8TURN. They solve questions about the idol world, from conflict resolution to physiological phenomena that occur on stage. When Jia asks if there is a way to wisely go on a diet, which is the fate of girl groups, Shindong hands over the baton to Dayoung, “I don’t think this is my question.” Dayoung, who takes over the question, shares earnestly, “I was originally skinny, but I wanted to look thinner, so I lost 8~9kg and went down to 39kg. There’s no way to forget hunger. It’ll be important to set a goal and create the look you want.”

Cosmic Girls Dayoung

In addition, there will be a must-have course for rookie idols called “idol cover stage”. Shindong and Dayoung cannot control their excitement when they see rookie idols perfectly pull off Girls’ Generation, Super Junior and WJSN‘s performances. And when NewJeans‘ “Hype Boy” starts playing, everyone rushes to the center of the stage. Finally, Shindong and Dayoung select 5 people from the two groups to form a mixed version of NewJeans. The cover stage of “Hype Boy”, which will be presented by the two rookie groups, can be seen at 8 PM on Feb 3rd.

Cosmic Girls Dayoung

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