“Squid Game” actor Oh Young Soo lowered his head before attending the trial on his indecent assault charge

The first trial of actor Oh Young Soo (78 years old), who was indicted on charges of indecent assault, was held today. 

On the afternoon of February 3rd, the Seongnam branch of the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office Criminal Division 2  (chief prosecutor Song Jeong Eun) held the first trial on Oh Young Soo, who was indicted on charges of indecent assault.

Oh Young-soo

According to reports, Oh Young Soo appeared in front of Seongnam Public Prosecutors’ Office building 10 minutes before the trial began. He lowered his head and headed to the court without saying much. When the reporters asked, “How do you feel now?”, he responded, “I’m sorry for my wrong behavior”. However, he did not say anything about his charges.

During the trial, Oh Young Soo’s lawyer said, “It is true that he performed a play at a local theater with A, then took a walk with her and visited her house. However, there was no crime like the charges”, claiming that the actor is not guilty.

Oh Young-soo

In addition, they asked the court, “The details of the crime are too inclusive to be properly identified. Therefore, we asked the court to dismiss the indictment”. The lawyer also disagreed with the list of evidence submitted by the prosecution.

After the trial, Oh Young Soo said to the reporters, “It is true that we held hands, but there was no sexual assault”, then left.

Oh Young Soo is accused of making inappropriate physical contact with A in mid-2017. A sued the actor in December but the police decided to drop the case. A then filed an objection and the prosecution conducted the investigation again.

oh young soo

In an interview with the media, Oh Young Soo denied the allegation, saying “I walked around the lake with her and only held her hands to guide the way. I apologized to A last year. I did it just because she said she would take issue with it but I didn’t admit the charge”.

Born in 1944, Oh Young Soo played the role of contestant No.1 Oh Il Nam in Netflix’s original series “Squid Game”. In 2022, he became the first Korean to win Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Globes.

Source: wikitree

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