Kim So Eun not nominated for the Popularity Award: Whether she will win something at this year’s KBS Drama Award is ambiguous 

Will actress Kim So Eun remain as the only main character actress to not appear at the KBS Drama Award?

Kim So Eun is starring Kim So Rim in KBS 2TV’s weekend drama “Three Bold Siblings”, which aired its first episode in September.

This is Kim So Eun’s first KBS drama in 5 years since “Drama Special – You’re Closer Than I Think” in 2017.

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As one of the main cast, Kim So Eun also leads the story of “Three Bold Siblings” together with the female lead Lee Ha Na. Contrary to expectations, she is not receiving much response from viewers. Without the love line with Kim Seung Soo (Shin Moo Young), her presence would not be noticed.

In the midst of this, attention is focused on which award Kim So Eun will be able to receive at the 2022 KBS Drama Awards. She is not nominated for the Popularity Award where viewers can cast their vote even though there are a total of 20 nominees. 

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Most Popularity Award winners are actresses who take on a female lead in a KBS drama. Therefore, it is a natural result that Kim So Eun, who does not play a main character, is not a nominee.

Kim So Eun’s “Three Bold Siblings” was selected as the drama of the year at the 2022 KBS Drama Awards in the weekend and feature-length drama category, and her another work this year, “The Distributors,” was nominated in the TV cinema category.

Accordingly, Kim So Eun deserves to aim for an award. But the competition is fierce. In the weekend/long drama category, there are “Taejong of Joseon” and “It’s Beautiful Now.” There is “Devil in the lake” in TV Cinema.

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There are Park Jin Hee and Ye Ji Won in “Taejong of Joseon”, and prominent actors such as Park Ji Young and Kim HyeOn in “It’s Beautiful Now”. Park Hana from “Devil in the lake” is a strong competitor in the TV Cinema category. 

In addition, Kim So Eun also has a chance to compete for the Best Couple award.  However, even in this category, there are a lot of popular couples with viewers for Kim So Eun to be mentioned.

Kim So Eun

It may be possible for Kim So Eun to overcome the fierce competition, but at this point, the chance is low. Kim So Eun won the Rookie Award at the KBS Drama Awards in 2009 for her performances in “Empress Cheonchu”, “Boys Over Flowers” and “He Who Can’t Marry”. Her popularity at the time was unmatched. She returned to the small screen in 2022 after a long time, but has somewhat failed to captivate viewers with her acting, and became an ambiguous main character. No matter what award she receives at the KBS Drama Awards, her situation will leave a question mark, but attention is focused on whether she will be able to wrap up 2022 well.

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