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The first girl-girl couple to confess on a Korean TV reality show: Double visuals, dating IRL?

Two female participants of the dating show “Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!” went viral for their confession scene. 

Dating shows are currently the trend in Korea. After “Single’s Inferno”, “Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!” became a hot topic among netizens. The most attention-grabbing scene of the show is the confession between two female participants. Korea has long been known to be conservative when it comes to displaying same-sex love stories on TV.  Therefore, this scene quickly went viral. 

Love Alarm Jasmine White Rose

Accordingly, when White Rose (real name: Kim Hyo Eun) was waiting to see if anyone would choose her to date, Jasmine (real name: Jung Seung Hee) confidently confessed her feelings for White Rose. The two then had a romantic date on a luxury yacht.

Love Alarm Jasmine White Rose

But in the finale episode that just aired, Jasmine ended up being a couple with a guy. The ending left many viewers shocked.

However, fans of the Jasmine – White Rose couple are still happy to see the two of them sharing daily-life photos together. This even raises the suspicion that they are dating in real life.

Love Alarm Jasmine White Rose

Although it is not known whether Jasmine and White Rose are actually dating in real life, fans are still “sailing the ship” for them after watching the two’s romantic moments on the show.

Source: k14. 

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