Lee Yoo Young gains public support for her new romantic relationship 6 years after Kim Joo Hyuk passed away

Actress Lee Yoo Young publicized her romantic relationship after 6 years and received enthusiastic cheers from netizens.

Lee Yoo Young recently released photos of her lying on the bed. The actress was seen wearing comfortable clothes and smiling happily.

As Lee Yoo Young in the pictures was lying on someone’s arm, netizens speculated that the actress was with her lover.

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Later on February 6th, Lee Yoo Young’s agency issued a position through Xports News, “We’re trying to be careful because this is her private issue”, adding “As far as we know, the actress has recently started dating a non-celebrity man”, cautiously confirming Lee Yoo Young’s romantic relationship.

Lee Yoo Young boldly posted photos as if she was indirectly announcing her dating status, then admitted to dating rumors and began to go public with her romantic relationship. Earlier, Lee Yoo Young suffered a sudden breakup while dating the late actor Kim Joo Hyuk, who sadly passed away in a car accident in 2017.

Lee Yoo-Young
Lee Yoo-Young

The actress later confessed her feelings at the press conference for the 2018 movie “Marionette”, saying “He (Kim Joo Hyuk) had always supported me warmly and I think he also wants to see me live a good life like this from anywhere. I’m trying to work hard as an actress while cherishing his love in my heart”.

6 years after suffering the great loss and pain, Lee Yoo Young finally started a new romantic relationship. Even after confirming her romance, the actress still continues to show her happy smile through her SNS posts. Therefore, Internet users are leaving supportive messages for her, who has courageously found new happiness.

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Meanwhile, Lee Yoo Young made her debut in 2012. She has starred in various films, such as “The Treacherous”, “Fatal Intuition”, “Marionette”, “The Soul-Mate”, “Diva”, “Perhaps Love”, etc., and dramas “Tunnel”, “Your Honor”, etc. She recently appeared on SBS’s entertainment program “Besties in Wonderland” and showed off her charms when hanging out with her close friends.

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