Suzy tries the lovely French chic concept with choppy bangs…Lee Dong-hwi said, “Let’s cut it together”

Singer and actress Suzy is drawing attention by revealing her new hairstyle.

Marie ClaireSuzy

Suzy announced the start of spring by posting her cover photo for the fashion magazine “Marie Claire” on her Instagram on Mar 15th.

Suzy in the cover showed a “choppy bang” style that was once popular among many female celebrities such as Joy and Seulgi. Choppy bang means a hair bang with uneven length.

In particular, Suzy showed off her innocent yet playful charm with fashion choices that remind of the bright spring and a drowsy expression.

Marie ClaireSuzy

This unique hairstyle of Suzy, who used to have long straight hair without bangs, received many comments from her fellow celebrities such as actress Kim Min-young and Laboum So-yeon (Jeong So-yeon). Actor Lee Dong-hwi, who is in a relationship with model Jung Ho-yeon, also commented, “If Suzy cuts her bangs, we should all cut our bangs together.”

Meanwhile, Suzy is reportedly filming the Coupang Play series “Anna” and is considering appearing in Netflix’s original series “Lee Doo-na!” Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Lee Doo-na!” depicts the story of Lee Doo-na, an idol who suddenly retires, and Lee Won-joon, a freshman at university, living together in a sharehouse.

Marie ClaireSuzy

In addition, Suzy recently released a digital single ‘Satellite‘ on Feb 17th for the first time in about four years. Suzy herself participated in writing the song, while dancer Monika (Shin Jung-woo) appeared in the music video, drawing attention.

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