“Tang Wei suffered, too”…The reason Yoo In Na’s drama is a hot topic in China

Actress Tang Wei’s name appeared in “Bo-ra! Deborah”, drawing attention from Chinese people.

On April 30th, posts and photos stating that Tang Wei‘s fraudulent damage was mentioned in a Korean drama spread on Chinese online communities.

The above-mentioned work is Studio Genie’s drama “Bo-ra! Deborah” starring Yoo In Na. In episode 6, a scene in which Yeon Bo Ra (Yoo In Na) comforted her younger sister Yeon Bo Mi (Kim Ye Ji), a victim of fraud due to voice phishing, appeared.


In this scene, Yoo In Na comforted Kim Ye Ji, who was crying under the blankets, by mentioning Tang Wei’s voice phishing damage, “Doctors, office workers, public officials, reporters and lawyers also suffered because of voice phishing. So was Tang Wei. You know Tang Wei, right? She’s really famous.

This scene spread through Chinese online bulletin boards and SNS. It is being talked about among local netizens, and many local media outlets also reported it.

In fact, Tang Wei suffered voice phishing damage worth about 40 million won. While filming the movie “A Tale of Three Cities” in Shanghai in January 2014, Tang Wei received a phone call and headed to the bank.

Tang Wei reported it to the local police after finding out that it was voice phishing, but it was after she had already suffered fraudulent damage of 210,000 yuan. Tang Wei reportedly received a voice phishing call impersonating a public security officer.

Source: Nate

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