55-year age gap…Special friendship between Shin Goo and Park So Dam

The special friendship between actors Shin Goo and Park So Dam despite a 55-year age difference is a hot topic.

On April 30th, Park So Dam released 10 photos through Instagram with the caption “See you on Star Documentary My Way“.

Shin Goo Park So Daminstagram

In the photos, Park So Dam met her big senior Shin Goo for the filming of TV Chosun’s “Star Documentary My Way”. The two posed affectionately together.

Park So Dam taught Shin Goo how to make a hand heart.

The two smiled broadly while making a hand heart together, making viewers smile naturally.

Shin Goo Park So Daminstagram

In particular, Shin Goo’s kiss on Park So Dam’s cheek made everyone guess how close the two are.

Shin Goo (born in 1936) is 88 years old, and Park So Dam (born in 1991) is 33 years old.

The two showed a strong friendship that overshadowed their age difference.

Previously, Park So Dam revealed that she formed a relationship with Shin Goo through the play “L’etudiante Et M. Henry” and that they later became drinking friends in the neighborhood.

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