Shin Goo and Park So Dam’s Cross-Generational Bond: “He’s my drinking buddy”

Actress Park So Dam (31) and veteran actor Shin Goo (86) exhibited their friendship that surpasses age barriers.

On the May 30th broadcast of TV Chosun’s “Star Documentary My Way,” the daily lives of actors Lee Sun Jae, Shin Goo, Park Jung Ja, and Kim Sung Nyeo, who have a combined acting career of over 240 years in Korean theater, were revealed. 

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Shin Goo talked about meeting actress Park So Dam on the set of the play “The Student and Mister Henri” and becoming drinking buddies.

Shin Goo appeared at a dinner gathering with Park So Dam and Cho Dal Hwan, boasting a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The three of them first met while performing in the play “The Student and Mister Henri” and worked together for six years.

Shin Goo proudly talked about their close friendship, saying, “Even after performing in various TV dramas and plays up to my current age, I’ve never had a team that I could meet up with, have dinner and drinks with, and continue to meet after the end of a production.”

When the production team asked about their age difference, Shin Goo replied, “Do we really need to make an issue out of it?” Cho Dal Hwan added with a smile, “In a drinking setting, we are all the same. We talk about acting every day.” Park So Dam explained, “They listen to my concerns like true friends and give me advice.

Shin Goo said, “When I’m with young people, I feel like I receive energy and freshness from them. The fact that I can hear and experience the language being used and their way of life is a huge advantage.”

In particular, Shin Goo was among the first to congratulate Park So Dam after her award for “Parasite.”

Park So Dam said, “I ran to Shin Goo seonsaengnim and he said, ‘Always be humble. Forget about the award and stay humble.’ But suddenly, he became very excited and said, ‘Everyone, this is Parasite’s Park So Dam!’ He was really happy for me more than anyone else. He said, ‘I’ll live long enough to see more of your successes.’.

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Cho Dal Hwan added, “When good things or bad things happen, gathering like this allows us to share the good and overcome the bad, creating a positive atmosphere.”

Source: Daum. 

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