Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica confirmed to debut in her second girl group with her boyfriend’s ex 

Jessica’s second debut as a singer in a 5-member girl group was decided on the same day Girls’ Generation celebrated their 15th anniversary. 

8 years after leaving Girls’ Generation, Jessica participated in the Chinese survival program “Sisters Who Make Waves” season 3 and excellently made it into the final lineup. She showed an outstanding performance throughout the show and ranked 2nd place eventually.

jessica jung

Jessica debuted as a member of Girls’ Generation in 2007, established her popularity as a member of a top K-pop girl group through various activities before departing in 2014. Quitting her group and the idol life abruptly after 7 years, Jessica then became a soloist and focused on her fashion business with boyfriend Tyler Kwon. 

However, after leaving Girls’ Generation, Jessica could no longer keep the same impact she once had. Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation continued to expand their strong presence as a 8-member group with all members achieving individual success in different fields. There were members who left SM Entertainment upon contract expiration, but Girls’ Generation did not disband. 

jessica jung

On August 5th, Girls’ Generation celebrated the 15th anniversary of their debut. They made a highly-anticipated comeback with the 7th album “FOREVER 1”. Coincidentally, on the same day, Jessica was confirmed to become a member of a Chinese girl group. 


Notably, a member of Jessica’s second girl group is Hong Kong actress and singer Gillian Chung, who was in a relationship with Jessica’s current girlfriend, Tyler Kwon, back in 2012. When Gillian Chung and Tyler Kwon were dating at the time, they also revealed that they lived together.

However, the two broke up within a year, and Tyler Kwon later started dating Jessica. Jessica has been with Tyler Kwon ever since she left Girls’ Generation. They are not only lovers but also business partners.


In September of last year, Jessica and Tyler Kwon’s fashion company was reportedly involved in a 8 billion won lawsuit. In this regard, Tyler Kwon complained of unfairness in the defamation of Jessica. He later addressed in an interview that he could fix it.

On August 5th, 2022, Jessica announced her second girl group debut, and Girls’ Generation celebrated their 15th anniversary. What if Jessica hadn’t left Girls’ Generation in 2014? At the very least, Jessica wouldn’t have had a unique experience of working in the same group as Tyler Kwon’s ex-girlfriend. Jessica’s future activities as a Chinese girl group member are drawing curiosity.

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