Gong Hyo Jin boasts friendship with 14-year-younger Jung Ho Yeon, new friend after “Son Dam Bi’s cut-off” accusation?

Actress Gong Hyo Jin (42) showed off an unlikely friendship with the model-actress Jung Ho Yeon (28).

On August 7th, Gong Hyo Jin published a photo of herself and the 14-year-younger Jung Ho Yeon, on her personal Instagram, without any captions.

In the photo, Gong Hyo Jin and Jung Ho Yeon were both wearing comfortable casual outfits and hats, exuding a hip atmosphere that suit their model images. They were also wearing masks, and with youthful looks, Gong Hyo Jin looked as if she was in her 20s.

Actress Uhm Ji Won (44), who saw the photo, pointed out the similarities between the two friends, saying: “I thought Jung Ho Yeon was Gong Hyo Jin for a moment”. Jung Ho Yeon then also admitted she saw the resemblance, replying: “I think we look alike.”

Gong Hyo Jin is dating singer Kevin Oh, who was born in 1990 and 10 years younger than her. Previously, she was embroiled in a “cut-off” controversy with Son Dam Bi, as despite announcing each other as best friends in the past, Gong Hyo Jin did not attend Son Dam Bi’s wedding. 

Source: nate

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