“It’s acting, I’m acting”, Suzy joked about her own poor skills, making people laugh

Idol-actress Bae Suzy showed an unexpected charm via her new SNS update.

On July 7th, Suzy posted a video on her personal Instagram with the caption: “It’s acting! I’m acting! #Anna #Do_Everthing_You_Decide_To_Do_Except_Skiing” and a video.

The published footage showed Suzy laughing as she failed spectacularly while skiing like a true amateur. After fumbling for various times, the actress bursted into laughter, while the accompanying staff chuckled. Fans of Suzy also found her cute and relatable while watching the video.

At the moment, Suzy is appearing in the Coupang play web series “Anna”, which has been receiving favorable reviews. The K-drama follows the step of female lead Yoo Mi, who assumes the identity of Anna and lives a completely different life. 


Suzy has been showing such a convincing performance in “Anna” that the actress herself admitted: “This is the first time I have been praised for my acting skills.”

Source: nate

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