“This is the first time I was praised for my acting”, said Suzy after years of acting?

Suzy was highly acclaimed for her latest role in the ongoing series “Anna”

Bae Suzy, who debuted as an idol before focusing on acting, has gained intense popularity after various acting projects. However, her skills have always been a topic of controversy. 

It was not until her latest work, “Anna”, that Suzy received unanimous praise. The idol-actress is  said to have convincingly portrayed a poor character who lost all hope in life, and her desperate attempts to rise in society. 

Suzy Anna

Recently, on a livestream session on “Twitter Blue Room”, Suzy herself shared that “Anna” was the first time she got praise for her acting. “I tried to improve my lackings and make the best out of the areas I’m good at”, the idol-actress said. 

In addition, Suzy is also showered in positive reactions for appearing on “Anna” with her bare face. As Suzy is a visual goddess, she looks no less attractive without makeup on, and yet manages to deliver a tired and worn vibe of a woman who was constantly challenged in life. 

Anna suzy

As Suzy’s character has a deaf mom and is from a poor family, the actress also learned sign language and tried to sleep less. She also relentlessly practiced her skills by replicating hand signals in the mirror for over a month. 

According to the actress, she started out with extremely stiff hand movements, but has improved drastically after her hard work. 

suzy anna

Moreover, the female lead of “Anna”, Yoo Mi, leads a poor life. Therefore, Suzy tried not to sleep to develop eye bags and appearance suitably exhausted. 

To prepare for her character, Suzy also wrote journals to understand Yoo Mi better, and as she does it every day, the actress now develops a habit of writing diaries herself. 


The character of Yoo Mi is an extremely complex one. She grows up from a poor family, yet desires luxuries, and would make up countless lies to get what she wants. After suffering in life and being mistreated by her employer, Yoo Mi executed the grandest lie of her yet, faking her identity and certification to enter the rich world. But her life is at risk of crumbling down as a person who knows her past suddenly appears. 


“Anna” airs every Friday and Saturday, starting from June 24th on the Korean streaming platform Coupang Play.

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