The viewers got emotional after seeing Suzy perform a liar in “Anna”, “She has no choice but to become Anna”

Drama fans continue to pour out compliments for Suzy’s emotional acting in the drama “Anna”.

After Coupang Play’s series “Anna” (directed by Lee Joo-young) released the 1st and 2nd episodes on June 24th, the acting transformation of the female lead Suzy (Bae Suzy), the plot and the story immersion have received favorable reviews.

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Anna” tells about a woman who begins to live a different life due to her small lie. Based on Chung Han-ah’s novel “Inmate Stranger”, “Anna” was expected to be a work that gives the viewers a somewhat different feeling through unfamiliar topics, such as academic background forgeries, Ripley’s Syndrome which is often depicted in foreign movies and American dramas, the gallery background, and the appearance of those who caused confusion in the Korean society in the past.

However, “Anna” showed an unexpected vibe that deviated from such expectations. It’s not the story about the display and delusion of oneself, but the survival of a woman who lives a barren life. Yumi (Suzy) was born in a family with a father who runs a tailor shop in a small province and a deaf mother. In short, she grew up in such a difficult circumstance. Nevertheless, Yumi shines brightly with her natural appearance, talent, and strong will. However, after experiencing an unsavory incident in school, her life begins to flow in an unknown direction.


Yumi, who is greedy and somewhat conceited, decided to tell a lie because she didn’t want to disappoint her beloved ones despite her strong pride in herself. Afterward, Yumi, who missed the timing to turn back the lie, decides to not look back on the past.

The drama shows Yumi and her suffering of unintentionally having to keep lying because of external events. The incident that led Yumi to live a false life shows the tyranny of “the haves” and the sadness and pain of “the have-nots” makes the viewers cheer for Yumi and her life as a liar. It is because that’s not a lie to enjoy a splendid life.


“Anna” is a static work compared to the intensity of this material. The process of the main character Yumi becoming Anna and living a 180-degree different life in her late 30s compared to that of when she was 19 has a relatively fast development. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the drama is quiet and calm, making the viewers hold their breath while observing and following the character’s movements. 


In addition, Suzy has portrayed Yumi-Anna so perfectly with a character transformation that the audiences have never seen before. Looking at the atmosphere, diction, and Suzy’s detailed emotional acting, the viewers can deeply immerse themselves in the character and understand why Yumi has no choice but to become Anna. In response to Suzy’s performance, the audience commented, “I didn’t know I would cry this much when seeing Suzy’s acting”, I thought this character is an ambitious girl since she lies but now I just feel bad for her”, “It’s my first time seeing Suzy acting in this tone. I didn’t know she could act this well”, etc.


“Anna” airs every Friday at 8 p.m on Coupang Play.

Source: Daum

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