“A 90-degree bow,” Park Bo Gum shows how his manners and professionalism is not just an image

Park Bo-gum, a young man who always has a proper and nice image, is drawing attention by showing his true manners.

Park Bo-gum arrived at the Gimpo International Airport Business Center in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the morning of Jun 27th after finishing his schedule at the CELINE Men’s Summer 2023 fashion show.

bo gum

Park Bo-gum appeared in a black hat and a gray training suit as he greeted his fans and the journalists brightly even though he covered his face with a mask. He smiled brightly while shooting hearts at fans who have been waiting for him and the reporters who went to cover his return. He may have been tired because of the long flight, but he still looked professional and well-mannered.

In particular, Park Bo-gum bowed to the people standing in front of him at 90 degrees, proving that his image of being professional and well-mannered was not just an image. Some people might say it’s just a small greeting, but great things can be seen in small things.

park bo gum

Tom Cruise, who recently visited Korea for the 10th time, showed his perfect fanservice from his airport arrival to the last press conference. He entertained people by presenting 3-set hearts, from finger hearts to overhead hearts, throughout the photo time. And at the end, he always bent his waist and greeted in Korean style.

Although it is normal for Hollywood stars to just wave their hands, he delivered Korean greetings during his visit in Korea. Maybe it was nothing, but we could feel Tom Cruise’s professional spirit.

park bo gum

Greetings are like that. It is a natural thing to do, but it can also impress people. Park Bo-gum is famous for always bowing 90 degrees anywhere. There are countless pictures of his so-called “body-fold greeting”. Such appearances come together to prove Park Bo-gum’s manners and personality.

park bo gum

Source: Daum

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