“Money Heist” Lee Hyun-woo: “’Female friend’ IU cheered me up, saying she enjoyed watching the show”

Actor Lee Hyun-woo of “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area” talked about the reactions of acquaintances around him, including singer IU.

Lee Hyun-woo met with domestic reporters on July 7th and talked about his appearance on Netflix’s original “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area” (hereinafter referred to as “Money Heist”).

“Money Heist,” which was unveiled on June 24th, is a drama about an unprecedented hostage robbery by genius strategists and robbers with different personalities and abilities against the background of the Korean Peninsula ahead of unification. It is a Korean-style adaptation based on the Spanish drama “Money Heist.” Among the cast, Lee Hyun-woo played the role of the robber gang’s hacker Rio.

lee hyun woo

Lee Hyun-woo is loved by fans as IU’s close male friend. Shortly after his military discharge, Lee Hyun-woo even appeared as the male lead in the music video for the song “Above The Time” from IU’s fifth mini-album “Love Poem.” How did IU and other acquaintances react to Lee Hyun-woo’s appearance in “Money Heist”?

In this regard, Lee Hyun-woo said, “Those who are close to me only gave me good reviews. They said it was nice to see a new side of me after a long time, and that Rio suited me and I also expressed this character well. Their words gave me strength.”

lee hyun woo

He continued, “Some viewers complimented me and some pointed out disappointing parts. I felt so grateful and encouraged by them who have given me so much love when seeing me again after a long time. I tried to accept the comments of people who pointed out the disappointing parts in my acting and think ‘They can feel this way’. It is because what each person feels is subjective. With whatever work or character, I can get either positive or negative responses. However, I’m always thankful that I could challenge and move forward thanks to their various reactions.”

Source: Nate

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