Psy’s P Nation and Teddy’s The Black Label are having their first collaboration 

What kind of synergy will Psy and Teddy create when they collaborate? 

Vivian and Kush, producers from Teddy’s The Black Label, reportedly participated in the production of Heize’s new song set to release on April 5th.


Heize, who debuted with the digital single “After I’ve Wandered A Bit” in 2014, has been a chart-topper with hits such as “Star,” “You, Clouds, Rain,” “Don’t Know You” among others. 

Vivian and Kush, who have produced hits like Big Bang’s “Still Life,” BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” and “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” are expected to create a legendary collaboration with Heize.

But what’s even more exciting is that this collaboration marks the first official collaboration between P Nation and The Black Label.

PSY Golden Disc Awards

P Nation, founded by Psy, has been managing unique artists such as Heize, Crush, and Penomeco to establish their individual music styles and expand their musical horizons. The Black Label, led by Teddy, houses talented artists and producers like Taeyang from Big Bang, Jeon Somi, Zion.T, Vivian, Kush, Lauren, consistently releasing high-quality music.

Fans are eagerly anticipating what kind of synergy will be created when the established colors of P Nation and The Black Label merge together.

Heize, who released her second full-length album “Undo” last year and successfully completed her first national tour “Heize City,” is poised to take on new challenges with this exciting collaboration.

Source: Daum

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