“The girl group 4th generation” is being led by IVE, NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM, “hot” in the new year

The momentum of “4th generation K-pop girl group” sensation, led by groups such as IVE, NewJeans, and LE SSERAFIM, continues into the new year.

4th generation girl groups, such as IVE, NewJeans, and LE SSERAFIM, are showing off their presence by climbing the US Billboard global chart. The “Global 200”, which ranks based on streaming and music sales without including broadcast scores in the traditional way, actually leads to actual usage rankings on world music platforms.

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According to Billboard (January 14th) on the 10th (local time), NewJeans’ pre released track “Ditto” climbed 18 places on the “Global 200” compared to the previous week, reaching 8th place. Among K-pop groups that debuted after September 2016, NewJeans is the only one to have entered the “Top 10” of the Billboard’s “Global 200”.

In addition, “OMG”, the title song of NewJeans’s latest single “OMG’, entered the “Global 200” at number 30.

NewJeans is also on the chart with the title songs “Hype boy” and “Attention” from their debut album released in August last year. “Hype Boy” rose 62 places to rank 59th, and has been on the chart for 22 consecutive weeks. Meanwhile, “Attention” re-entered at number 193.

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The presence of NewJeans are also seen though “Ditto” position  in Billboard’s “Global (excluding the United States)” chart, except the United States. Here, “Ditto” ranked 4th in “Global (excluding the US)”, up 7 places from the previous week. “OMG” entered “Global (excluding the US)” at number 19. On this chart, “Hype Boy” was ranked 40th, up 30 steps from the previous week, and “Attention” was ranked 117th.

NewJeans is also doing well on the domestic charts with the new single “OMG”, which was officially released on January 2nd. According to the Circle Chart (formerly Gaon Chart) on the 12th, on the weekly album chart for the first week of 2023 (counting period January 1th-7th), “OMG” and “OMG” (Weverse album version) ranked first and second, respectively. and ranked #1 and #3 respectively on the weekly retail album chart.

On the weekly global K-pop category of the chart, “Ditto”, the b-side song of “OMG”, and “OMG”, the title song of the same name, were ranked first and second respectively. In addition, on the weekly digital chart and weekly streaming chart, “Ditto” rose to the top, while “OMG” was ranked 3rd and 4th, respectively. On the weekly download chart, “OMG” took first place and “Ditto” took third place.

The title song of the same name from LE SSERAFIM’s 2nd mini album “ANTIFRAGILE” was ranked 53rd on the Billboard “Global 200” during the same period, up 54 places from the previous week. 12 weeks in a row on that chart. In “Billboard Global (excluding the US)”, it ranked 36th, up 24 places from last week.

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“Antifragile” is showing an upward trend on the global music charts even after about 3 months since its release. On the latest global “Weekly Top Songs” chart released by Spotify (December 30th – January 5th, 2022), it ranked 63rd, a 49-step rebound from the previous week, nailing its highest ranking since entry.

On the other hand, IVE’s “After Like” was pushed out of the rankings of the “Global 200”, but it succeeded in re-entering at number 172 in two weeks. Through re-entry, “After Like” succeeded in ranking for 16 weeks.

“After Like” also ranked 100th on the “Billboard Global” chart (excluding the US), charting for 20 consecutive weeks. This is an increase of 56 places compared to last week.

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IVE is also steadily showing his presence on the world chart of “HITS OF THE WORLD”. On the “Billboard Japan Hot 100”, “After Like” succeeded in re-entering the chart at No. 99 (January 7th), and re-entered the “Singapore Songs” chart at No. 22 (January 14th chart).

It also launched on top of the domestic chart for “Hit of the World”. In particular, “After Like” ranked seventh on the Korean chart, and “Love Dive” is ranked ninth, up two notches from last week.

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