How the military service broker helped Ravi avoid his enlistment

Suspicions of Ravi (real name Kim Won Sik), a rapper from the idol group VIXX, avoiding military service are spreading.

A media outlet said on Jan 13th, “The Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office (chief prosecutor Park Eun Hye) discovered that Ravi had asked Koo, a military service broker, for military service counseling and advice while forensics the mobile phone of Koo. Koo was arrested and indicted on December 21st last year. In Koo’s cell phone, documents related to Ravi’s military service were found,” it claimed.

The broker introduced to his clients a specific neurologist at a large hospital in Seoul, and helped make appointments for the clients’ medical treatment. The prosecution already secured a client’s statement that he was exempted from military service after being diagnosed with epilepsy.


In addition, Koo commented under a question posted by a netizen on a portal site in March last year, saying, “Ravi is scheduled to enlist as a social worker around the end of May.” Koo reportedly bragged to his other clients that “I lowered Ravi’s health examination grade.

Ravi dropped out of KBS2’s “2 Days 1 Night,” of which he was a regular cast, in May. At the time, Ravi said, “You’re surprised, right? There are so many things I want to say and affection I want to show, but I’m writing this letter because I don’t think I’ll be able to convey my feelings properly unless I write them down in advance. Jung Hoon, Jong Min, Se Yoon, Cheol, In Woo. Bang PD and the staff. And our viewers, this is Ravi. I knew that this day would soon come, but time passed so quickly that it’s finally time for my farewell,” leaving the show in tears.


Later, in October, Ravi shared, “As you may have seen in the article, I will fulfill my national defense obligations as a social service worker, starting on October 27th, due to health reasons,” adding, “I am trying to see your faces before I go, so please wait a little bit for good news from me. I’ll be back safely,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ravi’s agency announced its position related to the ongoing controversy, saying, “We are supposed to inform you of our position ASAP, but since this is related to his national defense duty, it seems only reasonable for us to first find out the details before explaining to you in detail. If there is a request, we will sincerely receive any investigation at any time.

Ravi debuted as a member of idol group VIXX in 2012 and has released several hit songs such as “VOODOO DOLL,” “Chain,” and “Shangri-La.” Ravi founded the hip-hop label GROOVL1N in 2019 and started his career as a solo artist, demonstrating his ability as a producer.

Source: iMBC

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