What are the Kpop idol girlgroups’ best at?

Beside the best group at being sexy, there is also the group that is the best at “falling” on stages.

Kpop girlgroups leave a lot of impression in audiences’ mind after a certain active time. This is the list of the girlgroup with their “best” things that are characteristic for each group. Let’s check what category your idols are best at!

Twice – the best at “perfect all kill”

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Twice does not become the most popular girlgroup in 3rd idol generation without a reason. Once The JYP’s girlgroup releases a song, the song achieves the all-kill, from Cheer Up, Knock Knock, TT to Signal, Like Ooh Ahh or Heart Shaker. Twice’s latest song – What Is Love even achieved the all-kill on real-time chart only after 2 hours released. Besides, Twice is also the group that has the most foreign members.

Black Pink – the best debut MV with the most views

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Black Pink was considered a “monster rookie” when the group debut MV – Boombayah had 3.3 million views after only the first 24 hours. 13 days later, YG’s girlgroup won the very first cup on weekly music shows. At present, Boombayah is still a big hit of Black Pink with more than 300 million views.

Red Velvet – The best at creepy MVs

Since the group’s debut until now, Red Velvet is always complimented on the members’ transformation in various concepts. However, whichever style they follow, the group’s MVs always contain some scary scenes that can give the audiences goose bumps. The most typical ones are the mysterious One Of These Nights MV, the Russian Roulette MV filled with killing scenes or Peek A Boo MV, which is not much different from a horror movie. Therefore, whenever Red Velvet is mentioned, fans can quickly be reminded of the group that has the most “creepy” MVs.

G-Friend – the best at “falling”

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Unintentionally having the most “falling” performances, G-Friend members are remembered as the ones who “fall flat on their faces” while dancing. In fact, G-Friend’s choreography was very difficult, and the stage was so slippery that the members couldn’t control their balances. Fans were really worried about their idols’ falls, but thanks to the “falling” performances, G-Friend could be widely recognized by the audiences.

EXID – the best at being “manly”

EXID was not a really outstanding group before, it was not until Hani’s viral fancam was uploaded did EXID got more popular. The special thing about Hani is that she is really generous and carefree, she is not so girly and elegant but fans love these personality traits of her. Other EXID members are also bold and strong just like Hani.

2NE1 – the best at Billboard 200 chart rank

One of the most excellent girlgroups in 2nd idol generation, 2NE1 achieved impressive record in the prestigious Billboard chart. To be specific, YG’s girlgroup was ranked at 61th position on Billboard 200 chart with an album named Crush. This is the record that has not been broken by any girlgroup untill now.

SNSD and T-ara – the best at having strange fandoms: large fandom and large anti-fandom

SNSD and T-ara, two of the best idol groups in 2nd idol generation, have the same interesting fact: they have very big fandom and their anti-fans are also great in number. SNSD’s successes can’t be denied, as the group has been the “national group” with tons of hit songs and they did achieve incredibly amazing records. However, right at the beginning of their debut, SNSD already had countless anti-fans, the best proof was the “black ocean” that audiences “gave” the girls in Dream Concert 2008.
T-ara was not bashed at the beginning of the group’s debut, but after the bullying scandal in 2012, T-ara was fiercely boycotted by Koreans. Until now, although the truth has been shown, T-ara is still unable to take back the glorious days, the group’s activities are mostly stopped and only some members is now active as solo artists.

Stellar – the best at showing off bodies

Stellar does not follow the cute and pure concept, instead, the group choose sexy styles and hot choreography that can “burn” anyone’s eyes. Stellar used to be requested to disband by the public because the group’s MVs are excessively sexy and many television channel had to “ban” the group’s MVs and performances. Recently, one member Min Hee encountered a wardrobe malfunction as her strap snapped halfway on stage, this incident raised a number of speculations that it might have been the PR gimmick of Stellar’s company.
So, you’ve just finished the “best” list of Korean girlgroups. Do you know any other group that has the “best” thing in fans’ mind? Let’s share in the comments section below!

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