A Youtuber revealed that Kim Seon-ho’s ex once cheated with 3 men at her house just in 3 weeks

Youtuber Kim Jin-ho, who used to be an entertainment journalist, shocked the internet by uploading a video exposing Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend’s unfaithful love life.

In the afternoon of Oct 26th, the journalist-turn-Youtuber Lee Jin-ho shocked the internet by uploading a video titled “The shocking past of Kim Seon-ho’s ex girlfriend”. He accused the actor’s ex-girlfriend of cheating multiple times during her marriage with her ex-husband.

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In the video, Lee Jin-ho revealed the story that A’s ex-husband (hereinafter referred to as B) has told in a podcast in the past. B has confessed about the incidents that happened during his divorce from his ex-wife A.

B started to live alone after his divorce and returned home after the CCTV had been installed at his house. However, when B checked the CCTV data, he discovered that in a span of 3 weeks, 3 different men had come into his house. B said, “She had sexual intercourse with other men on the sofa in the house.”

“I have investigated, one is a bar owner and the other is a sponsor ahjussi (middle-aged man). I heard that she also had a ‘sponsor’ before getting married. She’s disgusting.”

According to B, A did not want to get divorced until the end. B shared that he also appealed in the final trial, saying: “I want to protect my family.” B then put out CCTV footage of A having an affair in court and eventually won the divorce case.

According to B’s revelation, A’s father requested B to pay a debt of 170 million won and proceed with a divorce mediation before filing a complaint. Youtuber Lee Jin-ho said, “This is the audio recording (related to Kim Seon-ho’s scandal) that I mentioned before as the key to reverse the case. I want to say that when you want to expose someone, you should have a clean background.”

Previously, it was Lee Jin Ho who was the first to publicly confirm that Kim Seon Ho was ‘Actor K’.

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This morning (October 26), Dispatch reported that A pushed Kim Seon-ho into difficult situations since she often lied about her meeting with other men and had an obsession with luxury items. Moreover, it was also revealed that Kim Seon-ho and his ex-girlfriend had come to an agreement to abort the child before they decided to do so.

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