A Chinese college student who looks like Tzuyu (TWICE) has become famous for her showing loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party

Peng Lin, a 22-year-old Chinese college student announcer who is drawing explosive attention these days, has a beautiful face that resembles Tzuyu (TWICE)

She owns an outstanding actress-like beauty, and her video recently exceeded 130 million views in just 2 days on Weibo.

In 2018, Feng Lin entered the Communication University of China in Beijing. Peng Lin is an aspiring announcer-anchor and is expected to become a news anchor for Chinese national broadcasting after graduation.

On September 12, Feng Lin appeared as a representative speaker for the opening ceremony of the Communication University. She gave a speech pledging her loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party and General Secretary Xi Jinping. The video contains her speech has become a hot topic.


Feng Lin said, “I’m an announcer of the Chinese people. I’m an announcer of the Chinese Communist Party. I want to express the voice of the Chinese people for victory and frustration and deliver the voice of the sincere truth of the Chinese Communist Party.”

She continued to vow, “I’m a young person, I’m the early spring, I’m the morning sun, and I’m a sharp blade. I will follow the path pioneered by the Communist Party.”

Feng Lin was born in 1999. She’s a talented girl who ranked No.2 when she entered the major of announcer-anchor at the Communication University. On July 1, at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, she led the 100th-anniversary celebration of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party.


At that time, Feng Lin was one of the four representative female college students to be selected out of 3 454 applicants in total. It is said that she has taken a 3-month special training for the event.

Feng Lin also quickly attracted the attention of Kpop fans as she looks like TWICE Tzuyu. Both TWICE’s maknae and Feng Lin have round faces and attractive big eyes. Both girls were born in 1999 and have sweet smiles.

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